Adam & Morgan

Cerise is as professional and fun to work with as you can get. As an active member in the community you know she has all the contacts and local information you'll need. Cerise is very responsive through e-mail and phone, I had no trouble getting ahold of her and she always follows through on what she says. I look forward to her services in the future. Thanks Cerise! Adam & Morgan

Nate & Tara

The first thing that I noticed was Cerise's enthusiastic energy. She was always a pleasure to work with, easy to contact, and a genuine hard worker. She helped buy our first house in 2005 and then sell it in 2010. My family and I had to relocate to the Seattle area and Cerise went the extra mile, literally driving down to show me homes. Not only is she a great realtor, she is a great person to know! Thanks Cerise!

Patrick & Terra

Cerise was exactly what we were looking for when we purchased our first home. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and very patient. She was always available and never made us feel pressured. She was a great guide throughout the entire process!

The Asher's

Cerise Noah is upbeat, caring and very attentive. She really paid attention to the specific items we had on our "ideal house" list. She negotiated an excellent deal on our home (that required substantial house repairs before we could close.) She also showed real perseverance in getting us what we wanted (even when at one point the seller decided not to sell!)

John Dickerson

Cerise has now assisted me on two transactions, both selling and buying, and she has been the example of professionalism every step of the way. She is responsive, polite, and always operates with my best interests in mind.

She will be included in all of my future real estate decisions

The Peterson's

Cerise was great from the start and helped me sell my old home AND buy my new one. She was always available for questions and did a great job of guiding us through the process. We always felt she was genuinely "on our side

William & Whitney Morrison

"As first time homebuyers, we knew very little about the many details and nuances involved with the important transactions between buyer and lender, buyer and inspection agent, buyer and seller, and so on. Cerise is incredibly adept at navigating the buyer through these transactions, in part by her ability to make them unambiguous and therefore less daunting to the buyer. She has a refreshing, modest effortlessness to her that gave us the confidence we needed to make the right decisions. Whereas some folks are blinded by their drive to make the sale, Cerise never pushed us in any direction that wasn't ours; but merely supported the decisions we made as if they were her own. I wish everyone could have the home buying experience that we did. But, since no one can have our particularly lovely home, they can at least grab onto part of the magic by hiring Cerise as their agent."

Cole & Jessica

We received excellent service from Cerise. We were thankful to have such a knowledgeable and responsive agent. Cerise is fantastic!